About me

Hello Guest!
My name is Elena Sliusar and I am glad to see you on my site.
I am passionate about the history of costume and fashion. It seems this passion was born with me.
Since childhood, I love to draw clothes, mainly ballroom and evening dresses. As long as I can remember, my friends and people I know always asked me to draw a suitable outfit. A love of sewing joined this hobby also from childhood. I'm in love with fabrics, needles and threads! When I was a little girl, I loved to sew clothes for my dolls. I think my grandmother instilled in me a love of sewing. I always remember with great warmth and nostalgia those days when she taught me how to sew on an old sewing machine and allowed me to play with her beautiful buttons. These are the memories that help me not to forget about my calling.
Many years passed before I realized what I want to do all my life. I did not stop sewing clothes for dolls, I still draw dresses, only now more professionally.
Why dolls? I just can’t grow up in any way and I want to delight this world by creating beautiful outfits for no less beautiful dolls and to contribute to the aesthetic side of our life. I want my work to touch the strings of hearts, as if to play etudes.
And let it be the Etudes of Heart... of your heart Guest.
I am inspired by the creation of illustrations and miniature costumes of completely different things - these are the coniferous forests in which I like to walk, saturated with fresh air, these are films, especially costumed ones, with scenes from various historical eras; these are books, classics of literature, and of course, music. Music of completely different genres. Sometimes listening to a melody, I see what the next miniature dress will be like. Yes, this is a kind of connection between notes and fabric. I imagine what a melody would be like if it were transferred to fabric, and this idea burns in me and encourages me to create new costumes...
Dear Guest, I will be very glad and grateful to you if sometimes you come back here. This will mean that I am not creating in vain, and a feeling of magic and beauty has settled in your soul!


My illustrations are updating every time with the inspiration coming.

All artforms are in the service of the greatest of all arts: the art of living.

Bertolt Brecht


I write in this blog about my life, occupations, hobbies and about all things that give me an inspiration.

I go ahead for a long time to that life where creativity can be the one of the most important parts of it. My passion to the history of costumes pursues me wherever I am, where do I come.

Walking along your Path without turning to such seductive and apparent necessary things in this life, events it’s not quite easy, if you know what I mean ... But I can say something to those who decided to go for your dreams inspite of everything.


Petrozavodsk, Russian Federation 185014