If the soul is restless...

It happens that the soul is restless. And in my air there are forebodings... It happens in that way... Where do I have to run from them, where do I have to get rest? I have only one answer - turn to nature. Forest, river, park, lake... And let the action of this beneficial force do not last long, but even half an hour next to trees changing color, falling leaves, brisk birds and calmly running into the distance, are a lot of mean for me and incredibly valuable. When you feel bad and you do not know what to do, refer to nature. For at least a few minutes, but they are worth it... 

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The Pushkin Day of Russia

 Russia celebrated The Pushkin Day on June 6. This is a very important holiday in the history of our country, since it is also the day of the Russian language. Why June 6th? It's simple - this is the birthday of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin in a new style. And, by the way, on June 6, 1880 but according to the old style, the first monument to Pushkin was opened in Moscow. The great poet is the founder of the modern Russian language. And who knows, if not for Alexander Sergeyevich, then in what way we would say today... 

 The Pushkin Day of Russia is always marked by interesting events: literary evenings with indispensable reading of works of literary genius, costume events, such as carnivals, balls, flash mobs. Exhibitions dedicated to the famous poet, Russian language and literature are also held. 

 Petrozavodsk State University annually holds the Pushkin day of Russia interesting, beautifully and very exciting. As a rule, in good weather, the action takes place in front of the main building of the university. The event has a “free microphone”, and anyone can read their favorite poem by Pushkin A.S. Both by heart and with the help of a gadget or a book of poetry that can be obtained here. Books with the works of the great poet, ones about his life and work, as well as with studies of the creative genius of Pushkin, are always exhibited at such an event. And the most unusual attribute of this holiday are participants, dressed in historical costumes. This year, as an employee of the university scientific library, together with my colleagues, I was lucky enough to become part of this fascinating event. We were dressed in beautiful costumes and created historical vibes for the Pushkin day. Fortunately, the weather turned out to be beautiful, and we successfully held a holiday out of the building. There were many people who wanted to read their favorite poems, like those who were happy to take pictures with us, ladies and gentlemen in unusual costumes. The day was really wonderful - the sun played in green leaves on the trees, passers-by smiled like children at the sight of couples walking towards them in historical outfits, music sounded and, of course, the most important thing was the poetry of the great Russian poet. However, as it was, you can see in the photographs.

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Silence is over

 I have not shared anything for a long time. A lot of changes has happened in my life and my worldview and it affected my actions in general. Creative activity is currently suspended, but it did not go away - just me and it need to rethink something and gain strength to plunge into the beautiful world of art. 

It is the fall already outside the window. The days are becoming more gloomy, the air is colder. But the mood is still cozy. Probably it is all because of my favourite time - time for cold air, pies with apples and cinnamon, baked pumpkins, warm scarves and woolen clothes. It is also the time of the soft light of candles and even garlands, magic films and exciting books. 

I have a lot of autumn photographs. And now I will gladly show you them.

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My walks

 I never stop loving walks. They are good at any time of the day. There is a special charm in the morning and in evening walks. In the morning ones it is wonderful to walk along the streets when the city has not yet fully woke up. And in the evenings it is already pretty tired, painted in sunset colours and becomes more beautiful... Now evenings are endowed with a special beauty: you go down the street, and the beautiful fragrance of lilac is in the air. Pour the bench in the park, close your eyes - the rays of the evening sun make their way even through the twilight of the covered eyelids... You see in memory people that are very close to your heart, pleasant moments, and then you understand - it is not necessary to look for a flower with five petals among lilacs to bring you happiness... Happiness is around you and in every memories, in every day and in every such a walk like this... 

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Wonderful May

 In the morning walks there is always something charming, especially in May. They seem like a certain veil of hopes and dreams... When you don't need to hurry anywhere and I go slowly, I begin to notice those details for which I didn't pay close attention to – unusual architectural solutions for buildings, the fancy shape of the flowers... 

In addition, the most wonderful thing in morning May walks is a light fragrance of flowering in the parks. It gently spills around... And if you sit down on a bench, and at least let go of your mind for a minute that always solves some problems, then it will definitely enter the spring in the heart, May will enter, so beautiful with its rains and thunderstorms, bird-cherry and lilac, magic white nights. 

It is impossible not to fall in love in May, as it is impossible not to admire its wonders...

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The further into the creativity...

So, work began on the second dress. If you remember its sketch, it will become clear that this model will be bright and juicy. Lemon and lime, a little mint and just a little spruce needles... These associations just came to my mind. And it seems to me that they accurately represent the idea for dress no 2. It will be made for the Frances doll. Looking ahead, I will say that four dresses will be made for her, the other three - for Emma's doll. 

Let's go back to the dress in green and yellow colour tones. It is inspired by the old English ballad "Greensleeves". I want to put a lot of embroidery into it, which will complement the image that has developed in my imagination. 

Well, in the meantime, there is a long and painstaking work ahead. The main thing is to keep in mind a ready-made embodiment of the idea, then the work on the idea itself will fly by quickly and with a sense of magic. When you create something beautiful with your hands, you are filled with some kind of extraordinary light. After all, your creations are designed to give pleasant impressions to that person who are ready to contemplate them, and you convey the mysterious light of creativity to this particular person...

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The beginning of the collection

 The first dress from the collection based on old time ballads is finally ready! An airy cake with a raspberry layer - this is how I saw it and this is how it turned out, as it seems to me. 

It's too early to say how the whole collection will turn out. In the meantime, I will show you how the first dress was sewn.

In this dress I hear the old music "Scarborough Fair" and I think that I managed to express my vision, to convey what I hear in the notes of this musical masterpiece.Hope you like the dress...

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White beauty

 I will never stop admiring and loving winter. All seasons are beautiful, but for me it is in the winter time that magic, joy, inspiration and a feeling of happiness are collected. I don't know where I have such a strong love for the cold, snowy forests and watercolor pink-blue sky with violet hues. This is something inexplicable, it comes from somewhere from the depths of the intangible past... 

 We can say that winter is my personal paradise. I love it when it is warm in the house and cold, snow and frost outside. You go out, slowly walk into the woods along the familiar path, which is now hidden under a snow blanket, and enjoy the frosty silence. Crystal clear snowflakes settle on the eyelashes, the hair is covered with frost... and everything around is like in a fairy tale. Everything around is white silence... You stand in the midst of such splendor and are afraid to move, so as not to violate the order established not by you... 

 Winter beauty sets you in a new way, as if cleansing from the accumulated darkness of sad events and unpleasant impressions... And you step into your present more confidently, because now you know for sure - everything, absolutely everything will be covered with a snow-white veil, and a feeling of expectation will settle in your heart something wonderful. After all, seasons change in nature, which means that your personal seasons will also change...

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The beginning of work...

 It gets dark now very early and I try always to keep the room with cozy, soft light. Finally, after a long break I started working on the first dress in the collection. So it's about the ballad "Scarborough Fair". How do I see it? I imagine it like a beige-biscuit cloud. So far, I only carefully process small details. And very soon I will start working on the skirt. It will be covered with tulle stripes, each of which will be wrapped around the edge in a crimson satin. The dress should turn in my hands into a light, as if deliciously smelling, haze. Downright airy raspberry cake...

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Autumn is going to the end...

 November is going to the end very soon and brother December will replace him. I am really looking forward to winter. Most of the people on our planet love and wait for warmth and summer. And I am among that small group of people who prefer cold weather. You can say I am even a fan, but not, I'm the one who needs cold. 

It is difficult to understand the soul of one who dreams of snow and snowflakes all-season around... There is something magical in these cold weather and severe manifestations of nature. Moreover, autumn is beautiful. Its rains, yellow and crimson leaves that are ripped off by the wind and carried to no one knows where... And autumn own charm is also felt. When the soul wants warmth and comfort on a stormy autumn day, you can wrap yourself in a warm scarf, put your hands into gloves and go for a walk under a large umbrella, hiding from the rain and, at the same time, be with it in unison, together... 

In fact, all seasons and all the creations of nature are wonderful. As in bright spring and summer there is life and vigor, so in fall with its sister winter there will always be colors and pacifying moments that make everyone slow down and think about the most important things...

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Karelian trip

 Something I am belatedly telling about my travels. Well, better late than never :) 

 This summer I had an amazing meeting with my wonderful colleague from my previous job. Yes, this is how it happens - you change the city, work, and people from the past remain in your life and even move with you into a new one. And this is good. Oleg came to Petrozavodsk with his family and we went on a short trip together. It was very interesting, exciting, friendly and cozy for which I am very grateful to Oleg and his family. 

 So, we visited the Sampo mountain, the Girvas volcano, the Kivach nature reserve and waterfall, and also Marcial Waters where we tasted the healing water from each spring. Sampo mountain is an energetic place that fills a person with light energy and strength. Being in that place I felt the presence of a certain light, power. It seemed to me that the space on Sampo seemed to expand, flow around you... There is something really unreal on the mountain. Many people who desperate to get what they want with all their souls go to the Sampo to unite with Nature and to tell it about their dreams and cherished desires, to ask for help. And they say that what you want comes true, the main thing is not to despair and continue to believe at all costs. 

 Further, our path lay to the Girvas volcano. This is an ancient and long extinct volcano. The waterfall of the same name is hidden in dense coniferous forests. Today this place is the most important geological monument. When you stand among the pine trees and look down at the frozen lava deposits, the thought arises of how huge and complex our planet is, because from time immemorial various natural phenomena have taken place on it, volcanoes boiled and exploded, glaciers melted and re-frozen... And it was billions of years ago, so long ago that the human brain cannot accommodate an understanding of the scale of these processes. 

 The Kivach nature reserve and waterfall were our next destination on the trip. The waters of the Suna River fall from the rocky steps in the Kivach nature reserve and form a waterfall. This is a beautiful place with amazing energy, clean air, sparkling waterfall splashes in the sun! Having visited there for the first time, I realized for sure that I want to return there more than once. The beauty of the northern harsh nature, the tart pine aroma, the noise of the falling masses of water - all this is not forgotten and this is very special for me personally...


 And I would like to say a few words about the first Russian resort founded by Peter The First, it's the Marcial Waters. The healing water in the springs of this place is saturated with various microelements, but its most important advantage is the content of active iron ions, which is easily digestible for humans. We tasted the water from each source, and yes, I must say that it really tastes very "iron", but transparent. And the water is also quite cold, since the temperature in the springs is constant at any time of the year +5 degrees. 

 Concluding my story, I want to thank Oleg and his family for such an informative and exciting journey, as well as for a warm and sincere meeting. I really hope that such meetings are still ahead of us :)

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Searching of the mystical Vottovaara mountain

 It was impossible to tell about the trip with wonderful people in search of Vottovaara Mountain. Probably now is the time. 

 The famous place shrouded in mystical fog and stories haunted. And so, on August 29, I set off with my friends. We drove for a long time, merrily, but the funniest thing was that none of us knew the exact route. We drove along country roads, along forest roads, but we never got the honor of seeing that Vottovaara. Local residents of the regions where it is located have the opinion that this mountain does not let everyone in and not at any time. So, maybe the magical place was kidding us, did not allow us to find it. Maybe we were not ready to meet the mountain, or perhaps the time had not come yet. However, our company does not lose hope and one day we will definitely climb Vottovaara and see with our own eyes its mystical landscapes ...

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The autumn has come...

 So autumn has come with its coolness, rains and rapidly yellowing foliage. As you know, everything has its time and summer cannot last forever in fact like autumn itself. After all, it will be replaced by my adored winter. In the meantime, you can enjoy the calm and bright season, when everything around will turn yellow, red and orange, you want hot cocoa with cinnamon and cloves and more cozy evenings...

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Into the woods again

 I had a wonderful walk yesterday. Forest can give so much inspiration and beautiful compositions to an artist soul💗. Armed with a camera and peace, I carefully tested everything that came across to me in the forest, picked berries and of course ate them. Time passes there unnoticed, fresh air and the smell of natural gifts invigorates and doesn't let you get bored. I don't understand anything about mushrooms yet, but for me it doesn't matter, because I can capture them in the frame at any time. And while this is enough💚. 

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Some new stuff for collection

 I’m forgetting to show finished labels for my miniature dresses. Thank you so much http://parabirok.ru My fantasies have been come true into the fabric by these kind guys. Labels look exactly the way I imagined them, they have the same text, the color of the ribbon and the size. All dresses will get labels and even the lining. Consistency in everything. 

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My creative routines

 After drawing the collection I’m not doing very creative work, I develop patterns for each model, then sew test samples. Sometimes such routine work causes boredom and sadness. But in order not to give in to them I found myself also other, no less creative, activities. 

So I remembered some dreams and ideas from childhood that I would like to realize today. One of these ideas is a notebook of happy moments. This is such a sweet thing in which you collect everything dear to your heart: memories, impressions. I made this notebook with my own hands: sheets of paper, previously artificially aged by me, fastened in binding; I made a fabric cover for which I met with interest a new embroidery technique for me, although I never liked to embroider. But this technique is something special and I liked it. And now cinema tickets that evoke good memories, memorabilia from friends are stored in this chubby notebook, and I am sure there will be much more wonderful, kind and sincere stuff.

 Also I decorated glass jars. They can store all sorts of little things, like mine: buttons, pearl beads. My jars look like vintage ones that have seen other eras...


Separately, I want to talk about bobbins for ribbons and lace. I also made them myself: I came up with the shape of a bobbin, made a drawing (an engineering education came in handy), decorated it with decoupage napkins, and now there are finished bobbins! And they are varnished on top. 

Well, and my last discovery from childhood was the collection of a herbarium. What a fascinating occupation! I collect from bouquets flowers that begin to dry and dry them further. After some time, they will decorate the papersheets of the same notebook of happy moments. 

And ahead, I think, there are many more ideas that fuel my creative work. But I will talk about them later.


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All sketches in collection

"Scarborough Fair"


"Herr Mannelig"

"O Come, O Come Emmanuel"

"My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean"

"The Grenadier And The Lady"

"The Rose Of Allendale"

Today I have ready sketches for the entire collection. But there is still a long work ahead: the design of patterns for all models, tailoring of prototypes and, finally, tailoring of the dresses themselves. And I can’t wait for just this part of the collection process. After all, it’s so wonderful to create something with own hands and see how gradually, thread to thread, lace to lace a new creation is born... 

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The last song

 And finally, we got to the last song that is needed for my project. This is a very beautiful English song called The Rose Of Allendale. 

The words of this ballad were written by Charles Jeffries to the music of Sydney Nelson in 1830. The ballad tells about a girl Mary from the town of Allendale, who left her homeland for the sake of wandering with her beloved. In the British tradition of love songs it was customary to call the most beautiful girl Rose, Flower, Pride, necessarily indicating the region, or village, or city. So Rose Allendale appeared. A parallel is often drawn between this song and the older German one, since they have similar melodies. Perhaps the words of Rose are just a translation of a German song that talks about the soldier's farewell to her beloved. But it’s impossible to doubt the beauty of this ballad, that today is also performed in Ireland and in Scotland. 


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And we are coming to the last songs

 I probably already bored you with stories about old songs. But just a little remains. Now let's talk about the second-to-last ballad of The Grenadier And The Lady. 

Not enough information was found about this song. I can only say that it tells about a girl and a soldier who didn’t want to marry her, because he already has a wife in his native land. The song is sad and lyrical. And it was written in the 17th century. There are many versions of its text, although each lyrics have the same melody, but there are also several names. It’s believed that the ballad was folded in England, and today it’s considered one of the saddest old-time songs.


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The song no.5

 Gradually, I get to the last old-time songs on my list. 

Now the story will be about the Scottish song My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean. The exact origin of the song is not known today. But there is assumption that the ballad might have been dedicated to Prince Charlie, nicknamed Handsome, Carl Edward Stewart. The prince was forced to be on the Isle of Skye after the Battle of Calloden in 1746. Perhaps his followers sang this song in his honor. And the word Bonnie could be addressed to both a woman and a man. In this case the song could be for lovers. The American composer Charles Pratt in 1881 published the lyrics and music of this ballad. Today it has many versions, as well as parodies.


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