Назад к списку

My creative routines

 After drawing the collection I’m not doing very creative work, I develop patterns for each model, then sew test samples. Sometimes such routine work causes boredom and sadness. But in order not to give in to them I found myself also other, no less creative, activities. 

So I remembered some dreams and ideas from childhood that I would like to realize today. One of these ideas is a notebook of happy moments. This is such a sweet thing in which you collect everything dear to your heart: memories, impressions. I made this notebook with my own hands: sheets of paper, previously artificially aged by me, fastened in binding; I made a fabric cover for which I met with interest a new embroidery technique for me, although I never liked to embroider. But this technique is something special and I liked it. And now cinema tickets that evoke good memories, memorabilia from friends are stored in this chubby notebook, and I am sure there will be much more wonderful, kind and sincere stuff.

 Also I decorated glass jars. They can store all sorts of little things, like mine: buttons, pearl beads. My jars look like vintage ones that have seen other eras...


Separately, I want to talk about bobbins for ribbons and lace. I also made them myself: I came up with the shape of a bobbin, made a drawing (an engineering education came in handy), decorated it with decoupage napkins, and now there are finished bobbins! And they are varnished on top. 

Well, and my last discovery from childhood was the collection of a herbarium. What a fascinating occupation! I collect from bouquets flowers that begin to dry and dry them further. After some time, they will decorate the papersheets of the same notebook of happy moments. 

And ahead, I think, there are many more ideas that fuel my creative work. But I will talk about them later.