Назад к списку

Night thoughts

 I love to see beautiful things and create them by myself. I can’t suddenly sit at the table and begin to do sketches or sew. I need time for thinking, dreaming. It’s like as I grow some ideas in my beautiful garden.

Recently I try to design my own creative style. All things such as monogram in the logo or artbook cover where my ideas will be collected are important for me. 

Creative path requires regular mental efforts. I can’t say I am perfectionist. Probably I’m that person who needs to put all things on the right spots and do large mental process. And this is the reason why I figure out my own logo second week. My left eye doesn’t like some monogram and the right one does the same with the other figure.

And the strangers thing is decision or final idea comes to me before I go to sleep. I close my eyes and here are all monograms and frames. They dance, spin and finally line up into the pattern you need and search for. You fall asleep knowing that you will be able to repeat that pattern accurately in the sketchbook or Photoshop in the morning.

When the white nights are outside the window, it’s difficult to sleep. White nights make us imagine and do creative activities. It’s not too dark out the window. I’d better go check my treasures for creativity. 

Good night to all of you.