Назад к списку

The days of silence

 Today is a strange day. Or maybe it is not at all strange. It’s just unusual to stay at home and understand that you must not leave it. But immediately comes the sense of touch of time, how little it was. But just at that moment I understand that while it is there, I need to use it for everything I wanted to do for so long, if it’s possible. 

And, as it turned out, affairs are simply up to the neck. I woke up today with the thought of how much remains to be done for the collection. Five more sketches need to be drawn! But this is only a small fraction of what is needed to put a creative idea into reality. Sometimes, when I think about how much calculations and drawings I need to make, I get a little scared... And then I pull myself together and start to think hard about what to do next. 

Today is the first day of my official quarantine. On the one hand, defenselessness, fear and panic cover the world; on the other hand, we all have a strange opportunity to do something that we haven’t reached for so long. True, most of all now I am depressed by the lack of the opportunity to walk in the woods. Actually, I have it, there it is a forest, right behind my house, but I understand that it’s better not to do this. And now I’m trying to impose creativity on all my sides, so that the time I have so far is not wasted. 

I think about the sketch of the third dress, the image of which is inspired by the ballad Herr Mannelig. Now fabric cuts are already scattered across the table, the pages of the fabric swatch album are rustling and there are only purple shades in front of my eyes... I really want to put purple light into this model. Perhaps so be it.