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The Pushkin Day of Russia

 Russia celebrated The Pushkin Day on June 6. This is a very important holiday in the history of our country, since it is also the day of the Russian language. Why June 6th? It's simple - this is the birthday of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin in a new style. And, by the way, on June 6, 1880 but according to the old style, the first monument to Pushkin was opened in Moscow. The great poet is the founder of the modern Russian language. And who knows, if not for Alexander Sergeyevich, then in what way we would say today... 

 The Pushkin Day of Russia is always marked by interesting events: literary evenings with indispensable reading of works of literary genius, costume events, such as carnivals, balls, flash mobs. Exhibitions dedicated to the famous poet, Russian language and literature are also held. 

 Petrozavodsk State University annually holds the Pushkin day of Russia interesting, beautifully and very exciting. As a rule, in good weather, the action takes place in front of the main building of the university. The event has a “free microphone”, and anyone can read their favorite poem by Pushkin A.S. Both by heart and with the help of a gadget or a book of poetry that can be obtained here. Books with the works of the great poet, ones about his life and work, as well as with studies of the creative genius of Pushkin, are always exhibited at such an event. And the most unusual attribute of this holiday are participants, dressed in historical costumes. This year, as an employee of the university scientific library, together with my colleagues, I was lucky enough to become part of this fascinating event. We were dressed in beautiful costumes and created historical vibes for the Pushkin day. Fortunately, the weather turned out to be beautiful, and we successfully held a holiday out of the building. There were many people who wanted to read their favorite poems, like those who were happy to take pictures with us, ladies and gentlemen in unusual costumes. The day was really wonderful - the sun played in green leaves on the trees, passers-by smiled like children at the sight of couples walking towards them in historical outfits, music sounded and, of course, the most important thing was the poetry of the great Russian poet. However, as it was, you can see in the photographs.