Назад к списку

The Path

Today I remembered that it will soon be a year, as I live a new life. The moving last summer plunged me into a completely new, unexplored adventure associated with finding my true desires and developing patience in their implementation. 

I think everyone of us has own Path that we must pass. Sometimes some things changes on this path, and it seems as if everything that we planned earlier is flying into the abyss. And suddenly our desires and dreams from childhood, fragments of memories float to the surface. They do not let you forget about you always wanted and what your path really should be. 

And now your long-established beliefs are flying to all the devils and maybe they were not yours at all. And everything that you lived before now loses its former value step by step. 

I try to accumulate the courage to follow my Path step by step. Just go ahead, not wherever your feet take you, but constantly focusing on the light in the distance. After all, it is the light of the Dream that was not buried under a thick layer of imposed desires and beliefs after several decades. Faithfully, I tried to push it into this incomprehensible collection of elements that are alien to me, but the Dream and my belief that everyone is able to achieve their goals, turned out to be strong and persistent. 

I don't know what influenced me so much. Maybe I was pushed by nature I haven’t been with for a long time. Or maybe this is the power of a magical land that is full of legends people have already forgotten about. However, if we forget about something, it doesn't mean that this forgotten things does not exist... 

Walking along your Path without turning to such seductive and apparent necessary things in this life, events it’s not quite easy, if you know what I mean ... But I can say something to those who decided to go for your dreams inspite of everything. If you still don't decide to make at least a small step on your Path then all your thoughts about the Dream will remain just thoughts. And think about how your life can be changed when you decide to take this step. "After all, while we are alive we have opportunities." Once someone among of wisemen said this phrase. Let the chance of your dream come true. After all, if you go, there will be a road, and therefore there will be the world that you seek to. 

Everyone of us has such a world. Everyone of us in that world can get into the memory that is the most cherished for a heart, need a moment to oneself and dreams. And in this world there is only love, goodness and light. 

Light on your Path.