Назад к списку

The beginning

 I have this blog as you can see. It took much time for me to make a decision about the first post. I decided to start very easy without any secrets. The heading of this post is an ideal fit for this post content.

I go ahead for a long time to that life where creativity can be the one of the most important parts of it. My passion to the history of costumes pursues me wherever I am, where do I come. Last year I've moved to other city and now I'm living in the place with the magical nature. To see and be with the nature is a very important to me. I adore these forests, dark blue lakes, the ribbons of the rivers, funny squirrells on the branches. All of that gives me an inspiration and powers. Then I see again in my imagination new model, costume that I will surely design.

Being an adult, first of all I'm a little girl. This girl is waiting for magic and miracles. You know, I don't have a hurry to grow up. Oh yeah, today I'm the same girl Elena who was yesteryear with her thoughts about the future and profession. And the miracle begins just from this moment because the girl Elena has always dreamt about the deeping into the world of costumes designing them for her dolls. I think this moment has come. This is time to take the dream and just go straight to it. Now it's clear to me what kind of activity or creativity I have to do. I understand the difficult task with much time of studying again. Actually the life is the eternal path of experience and exercise. But I think the path is more interesting than the goal...

I always wanted to design some costumes with my vision of the music in their base. There are a lot of wonderful musical pieces, different genres of music, amazing vocals and melodies. Than I've had a question what melodies should I choose for my first designing of ideas? After long thinking the choice was done. This was the songs of the famous ex rock band HIM. So, 13 songs began the base of my first collection of doll dresses. They are "13 Shades Of Love". I've designing the sketches of every dress model while have being in Finland. My pencil drew the ribbons, laces and flounces in the sketchbook while I was in the metro or sitting on the bench in the park. By the way, the photos of all dresses were published in the large album that was given to the ex HIM's frontman Ville Valo. Unfortunately, his opinion about my creative work is unknown but for me creative life was begun just then when I've drawn the first dress sketch.

There are a lot of ideas in my head for the next collections. I think you will be surprised to know what musical pieces can be the base of collections. But know it's a secret.

Of course it's not a good thing to pay attention only on the music. Also I think about designing future collections with the interesting movies and books in their base. After all, the cinematograph and literature are the huge cultural lay that can make have wonderful images. But I will do my best to make these images a reality.