Назад к списку


 All this time I was in search of a basic pattern for Frances doll. When I haven’t been engaged in drawings, pattern-building for a long time, all this seems very complicated. So I gonna have a tough time. However, as a result, patterns came into the world and now I'm all in anticipation of creating masterpieces. 

In the meantime, I have sewed a trial model to test the patterns. The model was made of fine wool and delicate cambric. The next step is now underwear. As it turned out, Phicen dolls are very whimsical: their bodies get colors with some fabrics. As a result, my doll was pretty dirty during endless fitting. And the worst thing is I accidentally broke her left arm at her elbow! I'm so sorry... Apparently, while I was trying to put on the sleeve, the elbow joint could not stand it and now it is what it is. 

Recently my thoughts are again busy with upcoming collections. Today, even in a dream, I tried on a Frances bodice.In general, the process is started again, and it seems that its end is not visible. That makes me very happy. After all, this means that I am going my own way...