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The new collection

 I want to create a collection of dresses based on old melodies. These days I carefully listen to the songs of old times. There were quite a few of them. I’ve already chosen some of them for my idea, the others need to be listened to and decided whether they will be included in my project. All these musical works are very beautiful and were created in old times. For the time being, I will not be attached to certain historical characteristics in the design of dresses. Let it be just beautiful things created on the basis of my impressions obtained from listening to all these beautiful works. 

 I really like to be in search of information before creating a collection. I train my taste in watching, plunging into the world of pictures with plots of ancient times and eras, watch costumed films to fill with images, listen to relevant music. Yesterday I started watching the show "Camelot". It’s just a paradise for my eyes: not only do I adore Arthurian, there are also so beautiful costumes! And on top of everything else, I started reading Le Morte D'Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory.I looked closely at this book for a long time, started reading for 2 years in a row - and failed. But I just won’t give up. After watching the first episodes of Camelot, something seemed to click and now Le Morte D'Arthur is already my handbook.I have always been fascinated by immersion in old-time worlds. How did people live in those epochs that long ago left, loved, suffered, composed ballads and poems... If it were possible, I would like to catch a glimpse on it all. In the meantime I can only read, watch, listen and imagine those times, so distant and alluring...