Назад к списку

About the songs I've chosen

 I’ll talk a little about the old-time songs I have chosen for my creative project. I’ll give a story of each of them. 

So I chose 7 old songs, composed in very old times. 

Today I’ll talk about the ballad Scarborough Fair. This is a very old English song. They say it’s over 700 years old. 

Once upon a time in the town of Scarborough merchants from many countries gathered for the fair from August to October. The song says about a young man who asks a certain listener going to a fair in Scarborough to find his ex-lover there and pass on the list of tasks for her. If a girl fulfills them, she’ll be able to return to the young man. However, all tasks were not feasible - to sew a shirt seamlessly or to wash it in a dry well, etc. 

There are a lot of versions of this song. There is one in which the girl responds with her list of impossible tasks. There is a hypothesis that some words of the ballad fell into it from another one, supposedly Scottish. It sang about the elfin knight who had abducted the girl and wanted to marry her if the beauty did not fulfill his task. And the beauty put forward in her turn impossible wishes too. 

Most of all I liked the performance of this ballad by Sarah Brightman.