Назад к списку

The next song

 This time I’ll tell you about a song that is on my list under no 4. I must say, I love it very much and of course I can’t help including it in my creative project. This song is a medieval Scandinavian ballad Herr Mannelig. 

This song is one of the most famous musical works of the Middle Ages. This is a legend in verse and was written in the Old Norwegian language. And it says about the troll girl wanted to become a human being and fell in love with the Christian knight, Herr (Sir) Mannelig. The poor girl offered the warrior various gifts, unprecedented treasures, but all in vain. Herr Mannelig never fell in love with her. He denied all the gifts and drove the "devil spawn" away. 

This song is made up of an older legend. There are still disputes around it, the song has many different explanations. However, they are all contradictory and, in fact, there is not one true one. So it remains just to listen to a beautiful story in verse.