Назад к списку

The first day of spring

 Today is the first day of spring. Although I would not say that it is noticeable outside the window - now I am sitting at the window and watching how the snow is falling quietly. Everything is in the same winter state as a month ago. But this does not upset me, because I am a child of winter, even my birthday is in winter. And looking at the March snow, I understand that it will soon melt before the next winter and give way to a green bedspread and many-colored flowers. And that is beautiful too. As you know, all weather is sweet on our planet. 

I am sitting at the table and surfing through my sketches, think over fabrics and lace for future dresses. Of course, the creation of a collection is clearly not a quick task, especially since I like to be filled with inspiration and develop vividness. I don’t want to force myself to accelerate, because I know that creative work does not endure fuss and work as if from under a stick. And therefore, I will move in my usual rhythm and create, create.