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The last song

 And finally, we got to the last song that is needed for my project. This is a very beautiful English song called The Rose Of Allendale. 

The words of this ballad were written by Charles Jeffries to the music of Sydney Nelson in 1830. The ballad tells about a girl Mary from the town of Allendale, who left her homeland for the sake of wandering with her beloved. In the British tradition of love songs it was customary to call the most beautiful girl Rose, Flower, Pride, necessarily indicating the region, or village, or city. So Rose Allendale appeared. A parallel is often drawn between this song and the older German one, since they have similar melodies. Perhaps the words of Rose are just a translation of a German song that talks about the soldier's farewell to her beloved. But it’s impossible to doubt the beauty of this ballad, that today is also performed in Ireland and in Scotland.