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Searching of the mystical Vottovaara mountain

 It was impossible to tell about the trip with wonderful people in search of Vottovaara Mountain. Probably now is the time. 

 The famous place shrouded in mystical fog and stories haunted. And so, on August 29, I set off with my friends. We drove for a long time, merrily, but the funniest thing was that none of us knew the exact route. We drove along country roads, along forest roads, but we never got the honor of seeing that Vottovaara. Local residents of the regions where it is located have the opinion that this mountain does not let everyone in and not at any time. So, maybe the magical place was kidding us, did not allow us to find it. Maybe we were not ready to meet the mountain, or perhaps the time had not come yet. However, our company does not lose hope and one day we will definitely climb Vottovaara and see with our own eyes its mystical landscapes ...