Назад к списку

Karelian trip

 Something I am belatedly telling about my travels. Well, better late than never :) 

 This summer I had an amazing meeting with my wonderful colleague from my previous job. Yes, this is how it happens - you change the city, work, and people from the past remain in your life and even move with you into a new one. And this is good. Oleg came to Petrozavodsk with his family and we went on a short trip together. It was very interesting, exciting, friendly and cozy for which I am very grateful to Oleg and his family. 

 So, we visited the Sampo mountain, the Girvas volcano, the Kivach nature reserve and waterfall, and also Marcial Waters where we tasted the healing water from each spring. Sampo mountain is an energetic place that fills a person with light energy and strength. Being in that place I felt the presence of a certain light, power. It seemed to me that the space on Sampo seemed to expand, flow around you... There is something really unreal on the mountain. Many people who desperate to get what they want with all their souls go to the Sampo to unite with Nature and to tell it about their dreams and cherished desires, to ask for help. And they say that what you want comes true, the main thing is not to despair and continue to believe at all costs. 

 Further, our path lay to the Girvas volcano. This is an ancient and long extinct volcano. The waterfall of the same name is hidden in dense coniferous forests. Today this place is the most important geological monument. When you stand among the pine trees and look down at the frozen lava deposits, the thought arises of how huge and complex our planet is, because from time immemorial various natural phenomena have taken place on it, volcanoes boiled and exploded, glaciers melted and re-frozen... And it was billions of years ago, so long ago that the human brain cannot accommodate an understanding of the scale of these processes. 

 The Kivach nature reserve and waterfall were our next destination on the trip. The waters of the Suna River fall from the rocky steps in the Kivach nature reserve and form a waterfall. This is a beautiful place with amazing energy, clean air, sparkling waterfall splashes in the sun! Having visited there for the first time, I realized for sure that I want to return there more than once. The beauty of the northern harsh nature, the tart pine aroma, the noise of the falling masses of water - all this is not forgotten and this is very special for me personally...


 And I would like to say a few words about the first Russian resort founded by Peter The First, it's the Marcial Waters. The healing water in the springs of this place is saturated with various microelements, but its most important advantage is the content of active iron ions, which is easily digestible for humans. We tasted the water from each source, and yes, I must say that it really tastes very "iron", but transparent. And the water is also quite cold, since the temperature in the springs is constant at any time of the year +5 degrees. 

 Concluding my story, I want to thank Oleg and his family for such an informative and exciting journey, as well as for a warm and sincere meeting. I really hope that such meetings are still ahead of us :)