I always had a dream - I would like to create stunning dresses for collectible dolls.
This dream has not left me over the years. And after many, many years I managed to create the first collection of dresses for Barbie dolls. These dresses were sewn for several years, they were a breakdown of the activity to which I decided to devote my life.
You can see on this site what happened in the end.
I really hope that the first collection was not the last and after some time I will be able to show you, my Guest, the new creations of my imagination.

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"13 Shades of Love"

The collection "13 Shades of Love" was created for a long time, as much as 5 years.
Sketches of the models in this collection were drawn back in 2011, but something went wrong with the models. And finally, all the costumes for collectible dolls were ready in the spring of 2016.
The collection was based on the music of the Finnish rock band "HIM".
Each model, each doll dress represents
my vision of the band’s music.
Why exactly 13 models? I have no answer to this question.
These are just 13 fancy dresses...